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What We Do


What We Do

Learning Based Activity Sessions:

In response to Covid we are currently offering a range of activity sessions via Zoom, including creative learning, languages and communication, employability skill building and digital participation. To view details of the current programme, please click here.

Group Work:

Group sessions support young people to develop communication and interpersonal skills while building friendships and learning to work alongside others. We currently offer group sessions in the form of our virtual Learning Based Activity Sessions.

One to One:

One to one support is offered to those who are not yet ready to engage in group work, to address individual needs and offer learning and skill building. We currently offer tailored one to one learning in a virtual environment.

Work Experience:

Flexible work experience opportunities are available through our social enterprise café, Café Artysans. Work experience can be part of a wider learning plan to support building the skills needed to move into employment in the future. Currently, virtual learning and support offers preparation for work experience in advance of the café opening post-lockdown.


While everything we do supports the building of skills needed for the world of work, we offer a more specific progression and aftercare service for those seeking to move onto employment and training. We offer support from the early stages, looking at identifying individual skills and what employers need, through to the job search, application process and interview skills.

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