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What We Do


What We Do

At Calman Trust our aim is to enable young people in the Highlands, aged 15-25,  who are at risk of being left behind as a result of their personal challenges, to become confident and capable young adults, prepared to manage independent living or a job, and to join in the community, their life chances improved. 

What we offer:

· Time to settle in and feel understood.
· Opportunities to learn how to cook and other essential life skills.
· Physical fitness and wellbeing sessions.
· Help to use public transport, independently.
· One to one support or small group work.
· Supported work experience in Café Artysans.
· An understanding of what employers are looking for.
· Preparation for the next step, whether to College, employment or volunteering.

Young people are referred to Calman’s services by public sector agencies, including Community Mental Health teams, Skills Development Scotland, DWP, Council Social Work Housing, Education, Community Justice and Employability teams, also voluntary youth services, and increasingly by their family.  They can join at the stage that matches their need, early for very disengaged young people, or later for those who will benefit from real work-based learning.

The impact of a mental health issue, predominantly severe anxiety, is the prime reason for referral to Calman Trust services this year, affecting more than one-third of participants. 

Every aspect of our support aims to reduce anxiety and grow confidence and self-belief.  Each young person is different, so we work at their pace, enabling them to decide what they want to do next, and to develop the tools to sustain this.

Since 1998, we have assisted over 6,000 young people (15-25) across the Highlands to improve their life prospects and avoid poverty by offering individualised support and training.

Calman Trust is a Registered Charity in Scotland (SC027878).
Registered Office: 7 Strothers Lane, Inverness, United Kingdom IV1 1LR

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