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How Can We Help


How Can We Help

We will provide a place where you can feel safe, with people you can rely on for help and understanding while you learn to become more independent and prepare for work.   

  • We will help you develop the skills, knowledge and understanding that will take you into a job, knowing what you need to do to keep your job.  And if you do lose your job, we will help you find another. 
  • You will be helped to become more confident about the future, feel better about yourself by discovering what you can do, and become more comfortable in talking and working with others. 
  • If you need access to other specialist support in order to manage daily living, we will help ensure that you have this. 

You can become involved with Calman services at any stage.

  • Learn to travel independently by bus, or to just walk unaided through the town to an agreed meeting place.
  • Learn to cook and live on a budget, and when more confident, learn to do this with others and begin to enjoy the social experience.
  • Enjoy being part of a regular work experience where you feel safe and understood, and when you are ready tell us what’s important to you and join in the conversation.  You will not be pushed into doing things before you are ready.
  • For a fuller experience of the world of work, apply for a full-or part-time job in our Cafe Artysans enterprise. You will learn what employers are looking for and you will develop a wide range of skills, knowledge and understanding that prepare you for any job. 
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Calman Trust is a Registered Charity in Scotland (SC027878).
Registered Office: 7 Strothers Lane, Inverness, United Kingdom IV1 1LR

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