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Calman Trust 2021 Calendars & Journals

We are pleased to say we now have Calman Trust 2021 Calendars and Journals for sale in Cafe Artysans, which have been developed by Kai & Gillian.

Throughout lockdown Kai has been attending weekly online cooking sessions with Gillian at Calman Trust, where they undertook to try, test and perfect twelve slow cooker recipes that could be included in Calman Trust calendars and journals.

“Hey, my name is Kai and I started my cooking journey with Calman. Since then I use and adapt recipes that I have learned to cook. I am now always keen to cook a meal from scratch and have filled my cupboard with some herbs and spices that can make the most bland foods taste so good. I like to cook in batches and freeze the extra portions so that I have a variety of dishes in the freezer ready to eat. This is really helpful with budgeting and great on busy days.

The slow cooker is brilliant for this and together we have adapted lots of favourites that work well. I love to add garlic and onions to everything. Mushrooms are one of my regular vegetables but apparently adding mushrooms to slow cooker can make them taste like slugs! I do not agree!

Calman is not just the cooking, I have gained so much confidence in my everyday life that helps me to have an independent life. Calman has helped and supported me so much that I now feel like me again.

Each recipe gives me around four portions, which I divide into portions and freeze once cooled. I hope you enjoy these slow cooker recipes as much as I do!”

Congratulations to Kai & Gillian on the wonderful work they have done!


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